Herb. IMI records for geographical unit Mpumalanga

1 specimens retrieved.

IMI number Name, associated organism Locality Collector Type status
IMI 393746 Anthracocystis andropogonis-eucomi associated with Andropogon eucomus Mpumalanga C. Vánky, K. Vánky 1997 Isotype of Sporisorium andropogonis-eucomi Vánky 2006
IMI 168434 Colletogloeum acaciicola associated with Acacia rehmanniana Mpumalanga Doidge, E.M. 1911-08-15 Isotype of Leptostromella acaciae Syd. & P. Syd. 1912
IMI 387484 Macalpinomyces trichopterygis associated with Trichopteryx dregeana Mpumalanga 1997
IMI 387520 Ustilago dactyloctenii associated with Dactyloctenium australe Mpumalanga 1997
IMI 394012 Ustilago sporoboli-indici associated with Sporobolus pyramidalis Mpumalanga R.G. Shivas, A. Witt, K. V nky 2002-12-20